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Our Firm

Joseph J. Loran and Michael E. Ritchie have been serving Tacoma and Pierce County for nearly thirty years.  Their office is conveniently located in the historic Old City Hall Annex building in downtown Tacoma, in close proximity to the State and Federal courthouses.
Mr. Loran and Mr. Ritchie are committed to serving their clients and providing them with personal care.  They realize that each client entrusts them with a legal matter which at that moment may be the the most significant and potentially life-changing situation in that person's life.  That trust and responsibility is treated accordingly.  
Mr. Loran and Mr. Ritchie are both trial attorneys and are highly experienced litigators.  While they are able to successfuly negotiate a resolution to most cases, there are times when cases need to go to trial.  When trial is necessitated, you need a bold, aggressive, experienced advocate on your side.  Mr. Loran and Mr. Ritchie provide that type of advocacy for their clients.
While Mr. Loran and Mr. Ritchie are trial attorneys, they are also believers in mediation as an effective tool for resolving cases and disputes.  When a case is ready for negotiation, we will frequently enlist the services of a trained mediator to help the two sides find common ground and successfully settle the dispute.  Mr. Loran is an experienced mediator himself and was recently named PCCDR's 2013 Settlement Conference Mediator of the Year.
Whether you have a personal injury, family law, business or probate case, or whether you need mediation, some estate planning, or just some good advice, we are here to serve you.  
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